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What is Ruby and Rails?

Rails Dev

What is Ruby :
                Ruby is a pure object-oriented programming language with a super clean syntax that makes programming elegant and fun. Ruby successfully combines Smalltalk’s conceptual elegance, Pythons ease of use and learning, and Perl€™s pragmatism. Ruby originated in Japan in the early 1990s, and has started to become popular worldwide in the past few years as more English language books and documentation have become available.
What is Rails:
                      Rails is an open source Ruby framework for developing database-backed web applications.
                      What’€s special about that? There are dozens of frameworks out there and most of them have been around much longer than Rails. Why should you care about yet another framework? What would you think if I told you that you could develop a web application at least ten times faster with Rails than you could with a typical Java framework? You can without making any…

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My Extravagant Zsh Prompt / Steve Losh

My Extravagant Zsh Prompt / Steve Losh.

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10 mental traits of truly innovative leaders – GeekWire

10 mental traits of truly innovative leaders – GeekWire.

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Javascript is Wacky

I was looking through Smashing Magazine and found an amazing article about some of JavaScript’s wacky behaviors find the link here

Here are a couple that I found really interesting

  1. NaN (Not a Number) is actually a number that equals nothing, not even it’s self;
    alert(typeof NaN); //alerts 'Number'
    alert(NaN === NaN); //evaluates false
  2. Undefined can be Defined
    var someVar;
    alert(someVar == undefined); //evaluates true
    undefined = "I'm not undefined!";
    var someVar;
    alert(someVar == undefined); //evaluates false!

Very Interesting stuff, if you want more examples visit Smashing Magazine



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Hello world!

Hello, I would like to say welcome to my blog and isa I will be talking about issues I stumble upon.

Mostly these issues will be of the technical nature, talking about different technologies, problems I’ve found and solved or didn’t solve.

Hopfuly you will enjoy this blog.

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